READ: Gossip

Title: Gossip

Author: Christopher Bram

Summary: One-third trashy gay romance, one-third John Grisham thriller, one-third murder mystery, Christopher Bram’s Gossip is a strange but compelling read. Set in the mid-1990s, post-Clinton election but pre-Monica, the novel follows Ralph, a gay New York bookstore clerk, who has a fling with Bill, a right-wing DC-based pundit. 

Some favourite lines:

She had an insinuating growl that might be described as grandmotherly, if your grandmother was Georgia O’Keefe
I asked for Nancy at the front desk, which was tended by two boys in suspenders who had the pre-mature jadedness of Ivy League success.
...he’d lost his faith in the political uses of anger.
He didn’t take offence. ‘Yes. It begins with you, Ralph, but doesn’t have to end there. You can be a cause celeb’—he didn’t even attempt the French...