A queer noir. VAULT Festival, 24-28 January 2018.


Joy Child

Inspired by a short story from the modern Chinese author Yu Hua, Joy Child follows two brothers, their wives, and their young sons. When a tragic accident occurs, revenge takes an unusual form. Winner of TheatreExchange rehearsed reading at Capital Theatre Festival (MAC Birmingham).  

Finding Mr Hart

BeingHuman Festival. Blackburn & London, 2017



Photo Credit:  ms.akr

Photo Credit: ms.akr

When the powerful forces of gentrification hit Brixton, what happens to the ghosts? Long-listed for the Bruntwood Prize 2015.



English regional tour, autumn 2017.



Miranda Conquest is Britain’s top celebrity chef. One problem: she can’t cook. A full-length play (ScotchBonnet Theatre, Bread & Roses Theatre).




Down to the Earth


A documentary theatre project about life in a tulou (‘earth building’) during the Cultural Revolution. Fujian Province, China.

The Ritual of Thwarted Desire

A ten-minute play in response to Child Z (Little Pieces of Gold, Southwark Playhouse). Also performed at Courting Drama (Theatre Renegade, Southwark Playhouse). 


'We had exchanged, you know, several texts...' Exploring race and sexuality, Profiles is a ten-minute play in response to A Sense of An Ending for Theatre503’s Rapid Write Response. Also performed at Pint Sized Plays (Pleasance).


Water Under the Board

In 2010, the US military ended its ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ policy, allowing LGBT persons to serve openly. But at what cost? A ten-minute play performed at Barons Court Theatre & Theatre503.   


Gavin, Mark and Adonis are eating dinner when Adonis suddenly turns into a potted plant. Who is to blame? Athens is a short play in response to Rotterdam, written for Theatre503's Rapid Write Response.

A Stronger Arm

A verbatim piece for Theatre503’s TopTrumps series. 'The piece should be taught on creative writing courses as an example of how to explore with integrity views with which the writer disagrees’ - Mark Lawson in The Guardian.